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The benefits of CCTV combined with Alarm Monitoring Systems

The benefits of CCTV & a Burglar Alarm Monitoring system are plentiful when it comes to securing your home or business and also gives you the best chance in the fight to deter burglars.

One of the reasons ESP Security recommend both CCTV monitoring along with a Burglar Alarm Monitoring is from a very practical sense – with a combined CCTV & Monitored Alarm – when your alarm activates, without leaving your chair – you will be immediately made aware of an intruder at your premises and you will also be able to view your home or business.

In fact, with a couple of cameras installed around your premises, you will not only be able to view the parameters of your home or business at any time time – you will also be able to speak to the intruder and inform them that they are being recorded and that the Gardai are on the way. It is important to note that these cameras will also work in the dark or in low light.

Put simply, your alarm system will tell you if you have an intruder and with the aid of the motion beams, it will also be confirmed to you that you have an intruder and with the CCTV system – you can also view the intruder on camera and relay this valuable information to the Gardai.

With CCTV systems and a combined burglar alarm system – you are adding a more thorough aspect to your security system as a whole, thus reducing your chances of becoming a victim of burglary – with some other added benefits also, such as:

Protecting lives and property

This is the biggest benefit of any alarm system and is the main focus of having a monitored house alarm combined with CCTV. The aim is to provide the quickest response to emergency situations to minimise loss of property and life. 

Savings on home insurance

Many insurance companies will offer you lower insurance premiums if a monitored house alarm system as well as CCTV installed. This is especially true for monitored alarms that include smoke detectors since fire is one of the leading causes of damage to property.

Your home / business is protected when you are away and viewable at all times with CCTV

If there is no one around, a break-in, fire, or other emergencies at your home can be quite devastating. At the very worst, you could lose a lot of valuables, suffer extensive damage or even total destruction to your home. With alarm system monitoring and CCTV in place, there is a better chance of protecting and saving the contents of your home if you are not there.

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