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Revolutionising Home Security: Exploring the Power of the HKC Doorbell and Smartphone Integration

With the HKC door bell you will be able to tell if anyone calls to your home –  even if you are not at home!

When your house caller presses the HKC door bell, your smart phone pings and from that point on, you will be able to have a face to face conversation. If it’s a delivery driver you can instruct where to leave your package or if its an intruder you can ask them to leave. Remember they won’t know if you are home or not and for all they know, the gardai could be on their way.

So why does ESP Security endorse the HKC doorbell?

It is important to acknowledge that when HKC manufacture products, they are always way ahead of any product on the market. ESP Security have been installing HKC Security systems for over twenty years and will happily endorse the quality of all HKC products The HKC doorbell comes with the reliability that all HKC products come with, and the technical support backup that all their products receive from their factory in Ballymount.

If you are a current user of the HKC app with your alarm system, then you will not need to download any new app. You can simply open the HKC app on your smart phone and you can see who is at your front door. The HKC door bell is also very competitively priced .

ESP Security encourages opting for a HKC doorbell instead of buying a random doorbell product online in order for you to access a quality, Irish made product that has reliable and accessible customer support in Ireland and not from a helpline abroad.

The HKC doorbell offers a multitude of conveniences and security enhancements by integrating seamlessly with your smartphone. Its connectivity feature allows you to remotely answer your doorbell from anywhere across the globe, enabling unparalleled accessibility and control over your home’s security. Whether you’re at work, traveling, or simply relaxing indoors, you can effortlessly monitor and manage visitors at your doorstep.

One of the primary advantages is the heightened security it provides. With real-time notifications sent directly to your smartphone upon someone ringing the doorbell, you can instantly see and communicate with visitors via the built-in camera and two-way audio system. This capability deters potential intruders by giving the impression of someone being present even when you’re away, thus bolstering the overall safety of your home.

Moreover, the HKC doorbell contributes to the convenience of everyday life. By eliminating the need to physically be at home to receive packages or greet guests, it streamlines your schedule and allows for uninterrupted workflow or relaxation. 

The HKC doorbell serves as a potent deterrent against potential break-ins due to its comprehensive surveillance capabilities. Its integrated camera captures high-definition video footage of anyone approaching your doorstep, offering a clear view of visitors or suspicious individuals. This visual documentation serves as a powerful deterrent, as perpetrators are less likely to attempt a break-in when they know they’re being monitored and recorded.

This ability to engage in real-time communication through the two-way audio system can give the impression that someone is actively monitoring the premises, dissuading unauthorised individuals from attempting any entry. In cases where someone with malicious intent does approach, the immediate response capability allows for timely intervention, such as alerting authorities or sounding an alarm, thwarting potential break-ins before they escalate.

The combination of surveillance, communication, and proactive monitoring afforded by the HKC doorbell significantly reduces the likelihood of break-ins. Its seamless integration with smartphone technology empowers homeowners to actively participate in home security regardless of their physical location, thereby creating a formidable barrier against intrusions and enhancing overall peace of mind.


In essence, the HKC doorbell’s integration with smartphones revolutionises the way homeowners interact with their doorbell systems. Beyond mere convenience, it augments security measures and offers a more connected and responsive home, empowering individuals with greater control and peace of mind regardless of their location.

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