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Replacing an Aritec Alarm system with a more modern HKC System

Twenty-seven years ago when ESP Security was installing the first Aritech Alarm Panels, we were telling our customers at the time that they were the best quality alarm panels and that they would last at least twenty years.

As it happens they did last 20 years and actually lasted longer than that as the majority are still in homes all over Dublin and the North East of Ireland including Kildare, Wicklow, Louth, and Meath protecting people’s families, homes, property, and possessions day and night.

About twenty years ago, Aritech moved away from making alarm panels in Ireland and began to concentrate on the foreign market, This prompted ESP Security to source another manufacturer. We selected the best system on the market at the time to replace Aritech which were HKC alarm panels. ESP Security proceeded to install these systems all over Dublin and various counties across the North East.

We were very happy with the results so much so that we could confidently tell our customers, once again, that these alarm panels are manufactured to a very high standard and should last about twenty years, which we have been proven right again as most of these systems continue to work protecting property and their families in the way Aritech once did. 

ESP Security always endeavors to use only the most effective and high-quality alarm panel products for our customers. 

When our customers ask our technicians which is the best alarm panel on the market we always say the HKC Alarm panel.

The HKC Alarm panel and the Aritech Alarm panel were both designed and manufactured in Ireland. We have found that both Irish companies are very good at designing and manufacturing alarm systems. Both these panels are by far the most reliable panels on the market. In fact unlike most other security systems that are imported here, these alarm systems

  • are better designed and easier to use
  • last longer
  • are more reliable and offer much better protection for you and your family

HKC equipment is suitable for all types of premises from residential to business and larger facilities.

The HKC App allows complete control of the system from any location. 

Systems can be set/unset, activity logs checked, or images requested from the RF PIR Camera.

Alerts and messages are notified via text and also audibly transmitted to a SmartPhone.

Your HKC Burglar Alarm system can be armed and unarmed whilst away or on holiday, giving you that extra piece of mind. You can also see and share any activity log events within the app. The HKC will snap a photo of an entry point when the system is triggered, allowing you to quickly see if there is anything untoward happening at the property. You can then share the image by email or SMS.

The HKC App comes with a wealth of home automation features such as controlling Lights, Heating, and Gates. You can also control outputs by turning them on and off at scheduled intervals. This is perfect for having lights on in the house at night, but not in the daytime. The HKC is not only smart, but it’s energy efficient too.

ESP Security is experienced with wiring devices for the HKC control panel and we are able to set the whole system up for you. If you would like to discuss this service further please call us or make contact us via the form on this web page. If you are looking for a great CCTV Installation or a top-notch Burglar Alarm,  talk to the team.

From the HKC App, you have access to a live display of the system control panel,  you can also control which notification events occur by editing the site settings. This is great for monitoring the activities of other people who may have access to the system.

The HKC App is also great for monitoring parcel deliveries and other comings and goings around the property. Our skilled engineers have installed HKC Systems across Dublin and in the surrounding counties.  Why not get in touch and we can provide a site visit?

ESP Security provides advice from start to finish and our after-care service is second to none. Don’t wait until your property has already been compromised before taking security measures. ESP Security is here to help.

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