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Replacing a Scopetronic Homeguard Alarm System with HKC

As most Scopetronic Homeguard Alarm Systems are approximately twenty years old, it could be a good time to look at replacing the Scopetronic Homeguard Alarm System.

If you are thinking of replacing your Scopetronic Homegurd alarm system there is some good news all the existing Scopetronic Homeguard sensors and contacts and Scopetronic Homeguard PIR Beams are compatible with all new alarm systems including the HKC Alarm sensors, contacts and pir beams system. This will reduce the cost of replacement of the system.

For the last 10 years, HKC alarm panels are the most commonly used panels in Dublin by alarm installers – before this Astec alarm panels were the most popular panels in Dublin and before that the biggest selling alarm panel in Dublin for alarm installers was the Aritec alarm panel – all of these alarm panels had one thing in common, they all had a back up alarm battery.

HKC alarms are suitable for all types of premises from residential to business and larger facilities

The HKC App allows complete control of the system from any location.  Systems can be set/unset, activity logs checked or images requested from the RF PIR Camera. Alerts and messages are notified via text and also audibly transmitted to a SmartPhone.

Other key benefits of HCK Alarms are:

  • Aesthetically pleasing and easy to use
  • Keypad Audio – Voice notification of each zone i.e. ‘Alarm Kitchen Side Door’.
  • Keypad Audio – Voice notification of system faults such as mains and telephone failures.
  • Full range of intruder and life safety devices
  • Friends and Family – Text Messaging and Speech Dialler on-board.
  • Garda Response – Digital Communicator on board
  • User Alerts – receive alerts from users at home and at work
  • Complete Wireless Solution – No Wires, No Mess
  • System can be part set e.g. perimeter while at home.


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