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Recycling A Burglar Alarm Battery

If you replace your alarm system battery what do you do with the old battery – this battery must be recycled and cannot be put into your land fill bin – as this alarm system battery will leak and contaminate the soil for hundreds of years.

We hear every day about the importance of recycling. Aside from it being something that we have to do, we might not be aware that there are also immense benefits to recycling. For the environment but also, for us.

All forms of recycling are advantageous, as they recover harmful materials that otherwise end up in landfills, and later pollute the earth, water and air. 

While there might be a strong temptation to throw used, damaged or defective batteries in the bin, why is it important to recycle your batteries instead?

When batteries end up laying around landfills they will start to break down. 

When batteries become corroded or damaged, they will start to leak chemicals into the soil, and could even find their way into the ocean. 

These materials are not only harmful to the environment but also to human health.

Materials like lead-acid, cadmium and lithium-ion are amongst some of the most dangerous environmental pollutants. If not recycled properly they could easily end up on your dinner plate.

Protecting your health and the health of the environment is a significant advantage of recycling batteries to keep in mind.

When an ESP Engineer replaces an alarm system battery for the panel or any of the sensors  – he also takes away the old battery and recycles it at our suppliers.

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