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New alarm keypad for Aritech

As most Aritech alarm panels were installed in the late nineties, it’s no surprise they may need upgrading at this stage.

A typical reason for upgrading of an Aritec alarm panel is use – repeated daily use of the key pad.

This causes the numbers to wear out and no longer function correctly. This usually manifests itself when you try to enter your alarm code when you arrive home and the Aritech keypad won’t accept that number. Even though you keep pressing the keys on the keypad it won’t accept it & then suddenly,  both sirens on the alarm system start ringing and won’t stop as the alarm won’t accept the code as you are entering it.

Other areas that become faulty after twenty years are the Aritech Sensors. These sensors can become seized up in the closed position and when this happens, it dosen’t matter how hard the window is smashed,  it wont detect it at the sensor.

This leaves the home very vulnerable to a break in.

The external Aritech Bell Box can also become faulty after years of wear and exposure to the Irish weather for all those years.

Other areas you should be aware of becoming faulty would be the back up Aritec battery – this battery needs to be changed about every four years and if its not replaced it may leak acid inside you hallway.

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