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How do I stop my alarm box ringing?

Firstly, in most cases the reason the alarm won’t stop ringing is because the code is incorrect or one of the keys didn’t register when you pressed it.

For example if your code is 1234 but the 3 was faulty – then the alarm only got 124 –  then you try the code again and the alarm gets 1241 because the alarm remembered 124 and added that to the start of new the code, and so on.

The best way to deal with most quality alarm panels in Ireland is to use the zero key first before you enter your code.  When you input 01234 – this clears the screen every time you enter the code.

This is the case with most alarm systems except the Astec alarm system. These panels use the clear button instead of zero – so this will usually stop the alarm ringing. After that it might be that the code you are entering is incorrect.

Always get the code and test it when you purchase or rent a property as these alarm systems are always partly turned on, even when not set.

Its not a funny experience when the alarm system won’t stop ringing in the middle of the night, and you don’t have the code. One last thing –  never repeatedly enter different codes as this locks the system.

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