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Home Security During Autumn & Winter

Unfortunately, we are coming into the time of year when home burglaries are on the increase.
Just this week, the Kildare Nationalist reported a case where dogs were drugged during a disturbing planned burglary at a house in Laois on Tuesday night, 11/10/2022.

The property located in The Rock was broken into sometime between 9 pm and 11 pm, in what was clearly a well-organised raid.

Dogs on the premises were drugged or tranquilised to subdue them first, allowing the culprit or culprits to gain entry to the house.

Fortunately, no one was injured during the break-in and the dogs have recovered. 

However, this burglary highlights the need for us all to be more vigilant at this time of year when it comes to our home security.



We are already experiencing waking up in the dark and leaving work when the sun is already setting and darkness is fast approaching. 

Without a doubt, this time of year brings us lots of excitement in terms of yearly events such as Halloween, Christmas, and New Year. However, there are some essential things to consider regarding your security during Autumn and Winter. 

Whether you work from home or you are back in the office, we wanted to share some ideas on what you could do to ensure that you’re taking all of the necessary steps to secure your home over the colder months.


  • Double-check whether your window and door locks are in good condition. It’s crucial to ensure that your locks are in great shape. Don’t forget that there are always new developments in the industry that may be beneficial to consider. Therefore, why not update your locking systems to more recent ones?
  • Whether you live in an apartment or a house, it’s essential to ensure that your home is well-lit. If there are areas in your garden that block your view of the street or other surroundings – why not install some outdoor lights? Good visibility around your home will reduce the risk of theft and create a more secure environment. If you live in an apartment, that might not be necessary. However, there will be other things to consider if that’s the case.
  • Have you invested in a home security system? There are various types of systems available including CCTV cameras, alarms, and alarm monitoring. Identify your best options and invest accordingly. ESP Security is always happy to advise our clients on the most suitable security systems for your premises. 


  • If you keep your car in the garage, ensure that the garage doors are secure and in good condition for the colder months. 
  • How often do you have a visitor at your door that you don’t know? Opening the door to an unknown person creates a significant risk to your safety. During the darker months, when visibility is relatively low, you may not be able to see clearly. Our advice is to consider the options of smart doorbells and intercom systems. The intercom systems ESP Security installs offer significant security advancements, such as accessing video output for viewing on your TV and the ability to review stored images of visitors.
  • Finally if you already have adequate locks, lighting, and an alarm system in place – the message is to remember to lock up, light up, alarm, and secure your premises and homes.  If something just seems not quite right, please alert the gardaí.
  • And one last tip, always ensure your security system is in good working order. Carrying out any repairs needed to ensure your alarm system is working as it should, means you can have great peace of mind that your home and premises are secure in the coming Autumn and Winter months. 


There are many ways you can improve your security during the Autumn and Winter season. Our team here at ESP Security is always ready to support you with all of your queries. ESP Security specialises in high-quality security systems, CCTV Systems, and more. We also specialise in the repair and maintenance of all alarm systems even if we did not fit them.

So if you are considering increasing your home security in the coming months, contact Brian & his team from ESP Security today!

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