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Construction Site Security from ESP Security

Construction sites are regarded as an easy target for opportunistic thieves, with many contractors and vehicles entering each day as well as being completely vacated at night. Many construction sites suffer theft, yet security is often considered a ‘luxury’ (or an unnecessary evil!).

If there’s no budget for manned guarding, electronic security is the perfect alternative, providing full site coverage at a fraction of the cost.

Our construction site CCTV systems are designed, installed, maintained and remotely monitored to instantly detect intruders and escalate to key-holders, or Gardai, for an immediate response.

Advances in camera resolution and video transmission enable you to monitor clear, live footage from all cameras on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Construction is a vast and valuable industry which involves both the storage and on-going use of high value vehicles, materials, tools and machinery. All of these items have a resale value, whilst items such as fuel have an off-set cost value, making construction sites a highly profitable magnet for criminals.

As such, every year, the construction industry loses 400 million through theft, and approximately the same amount again through vandalism and fire, with around 40% (approximately 100,000) of all construction site fires being started deliberately (source: Aviva).

The industry also involves a significant workforce, many of whom can be rendered vulnerable by inefficient security measures on construction sites.

The threats

Criminal activity as a result of unauthorised entry into a construction site presents several overall threats:

  • To operations, including ongoing works and schedules, disruption to which costs millions each year.
  • To property and materials – including buildings and outbuildings, structures under construction or demolition, as well as construction materials, tools, equipment, plant, fuel and petty theft of workers’ possessions and assets.
  • To life, including trespassers causing damage which has the potential to injure, maim or kill, such as ripping out fixtures and leaving wiring unsafe, as well as deliberate actions such as arson which threaten life as well as property.

ESP Security are experts in the remote monitoring and CCTV and we’re committed to vigilance.  CCTV monitoring is an efficient and cost effective security measure to protect business assets, premises and people from unauthorised intruders. 

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