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Common Faults on Home Security & Burglar Alarms Systems

One of the most common faults on a burglar alarm system is a faulty window or door sensor. This can happen after a period of time. It usually causes the alarm to activate or in some cases it wont let you set the system. To resolve this, simply get the sensor replaced –  ESP engineers can test the sensors and see which one is faulty this usually only takes a few minutes.

Another typical fault ESP repair is when a sensor or panel gets a low battery. This can be a real pain for the customer and yet can be easily resolved as all ESP engineers carry all batteries for all alarms.

Tamper fault is also a common message that can appear on the screen. This refers to a few different things – either bell tamper for the bell box, sensor tamper in one of the sensors or keypad tamper – this is usually caused by damaged cable a faulty sensor or bell box – either way a very fixable alarm fault.

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