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A CCTV system is a very important part of your overall home security system. It is the only system that can give you the comfort of seeing your home from anywhere in the world to reassure you that your property is safe.

Over the last twenty five years ESP Security has witnessed many changes in the CCTV world. When ESP Security installed its first CCTV system back on our first day in business in 1996,  we would have to purchase a 24 hour time lapse recorder, a multiplexer to divide the screen into four or more segments and a security monitor to view it on. We would then need to install the CCTV cameras throughout the

Today when we install a CCTV system, we need one item to replace the Multiplexer and the 24 hour time lapse recorder –  the unit is called a DVR. With this unit we can record for about a month and look back at any time on the unit to see an event. With the old system, you as the customer would have to replace a 24 hour tape every twenty four hours.

The other great innovation for CCTV systems is the ease we can connect our CCTV system to the internet using the app. It is the app that allows you to connect to your CCTV system from anywhere in the world. You can also look back through all the recorded footage to find an event which you wish to see – you can then make a clip of the image you were looking for and store it on your phone. This can then be forwarded very easily by email to the Gardai if necessary.

ESP Security supply and install CCTV systems across Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, Louth and Meath.  We also repair all CCTV systems even if we didn’t install it.

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