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CCTV Home Monitoring

The benefits of CCTV Home Monitoring are v?ery clear. How great would it be for you to be able to look at your Smart phone and see all sides of your home from anywhere in the world Well now you can. ESP Security can now offer 24 hour monitoring of your home from any angle via your CCTV system.

If you receive a text from your esp alarm system informing you have an intruder- you can simply tap the app on your smart phone and see all sides of your home – once you have a camera covering that area.

Mark from ESP Security demonstrates a CCTV System & the HIK Connect app on your phone.

You can also look back over the system to see the person responsible for the vandalism done to your property while you were not there or shed light on a delivery made to your home which you never received. Typically you would  haveabout a month of recording stored to look over which can all be viewed on your Smart phone.

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