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Can I install a HKC Alarm System to replace my old alarm system?

HKC alarm panels can be used in any alarm installation or a replacement either in a domestic alarm system or an installation or a commercial alarm system.

Over time, all alarm systems need to be replaced – your system could be an old Aritech alarm system  or an Astec alarm system.  If the old alarm systems are not replaced, they will soon become a nuisance and a source of annoyance for you and your neighbors.

When you get an alarm system installation from ESP Security you not only get over twenty six years of expertise but you also get great customer service and backup.

As all HKC alarm systems are both wired and wirefree –  ESP security use the same alarm panel for all alarm installations. This is due to its versatility and its reliability.

In many houses when we are installing the new alarm system, we first have to remove the old alarm system. Once we have done that we can check the cables on the old alarm system and if they are working fine and are not an eye sore we can then install the new system straight away. If they are an eye sore or the customer just wants to take all the alarm cables out – we can do that too and simply install a wirefree hkc alarm system.

The older alarm systems that can cause activations are usually Aritech, Astec, Horizon or older HKC alarms and Scopetronic alarm systems. To replace these systems with a HKC systems is a really straight forward process. So it is no surprise, ESP security use HKC alarm panels for all their installations.

The two companies – HKC & ESP –  have lots in common. Firstly their backup and tech support is second to none ,they are both Irish companies located in Dublin and both rank their customer’s satisfaction as a number one priority.

If you wish to get an alarm installation – then look no further than ESP security installations.

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