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Can Broken Burglar alarm systems be repaired?

Are you wondering if your broken burglar alarm systems can be fixed? Because burglar alarm systems are made up of many different parts which are easily available then the answer is a very positive YES – our experience is that most broken burglar alarm systems absolutely can be repaired .

If you come home from work and find that your  alarm system has been activating during the day – this does not mean you need a new burglar alarm system. You may simply have a faulty window sensor or a faulty pir beam or a broken bell box .

When you call an alarm repair company out – it is important that you receive honest and sound advice. Beware if they  say “ looks like you nee a new alarm system”  – this is something any one can say. The correct action for them to take is to put a digital meter on all the alarm sensors and find the broken alarm sensor. A solution could be to simply replace the burglar alarm sensor. So no new burglar alarm system required!

ESP Security have over 25 years in business repairing and mending alarms that our clients often thought needed to be replaced. We have been delighted to not only fix their alarm system but save them money. 

For ESP Security, our approach to insuring our clients receive an honest and money saving service –  has rewarded us many times over the years. As we find clients always return to us in the future for any further maintenance or burglar alarm upgrades –  because they know we are a company they can trust. 

If your burglar alarm system is not currently working as it should – give ESP Security a call today – we can fix all alarms. 

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