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Business owners concerned about ‘perfect storm’ for break-ins during COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19 was the right hook no business saw coming. But while lying on the canvas battered and bruised, circling around them are COVID-19 crooks ready to take a cheap shot, which might just be the fatal blow.

With cashflow already under extreme pressure, crime is the last thing our hardworking business owners should have to deal with right now. In many instances, the tills have stopped running and the bills are mounting. Forking out cash to repair doors or windows that have been smashed in by criminals is simply a headache that businesses can’t afford. With more people working from home during COVID-19, not surprisingly residential break-ins are down.

The outbreak of the virus and the need for social distancing has led to all but essential workers now working remotely from home which means that across the country offices,  bars and restaurants, sports and leisure venues and a host of other buildings are now lying  empty. l

To keep your business property safeduring the Covid-19 Lockdown:

  • Insure your premises is completely locked down. It may sound simplistic but ensure that all doors, windows, fire exits and gates are locked. Pinpoint any vulnerable areas and fix these.
  • Test your Security Systems. Test your CCTV system, intruder alarm, fire and sprinkler systems and ensure they are all fully operational. Make sure cameras are well positioned to cover as much of your property, internally and externally, as possible.
  • Monitored Alarm Options. If you have serious security concerns, get in touch with ESP Security today about having your premises remotely monitored. If your monitored alarm is activated or intrusion detected, the intruder can be engaged with a live audio challenge whilst we’re calling the Gardai – or scared off without the risk that comes with facing down intruders in person. The camera can operate without wires, electricity or broadband.
  • Light up your premises. Make sure your outdoor lighting is working and preferably on a sensor. Visible alarms that light up at night will make burglars think twice about targeting your premises. Consider the use of timer switches to ensure sufficient lighting inside your premises.
  • Ensure that no cash is left lying around on the premises overnight and consider moving high-value items and important documentation into a safe or secured location that can be monitored remotely.
  • Electrical equipment should be turned off and unplugged, and electrical systems isolated at the main fuse board, unless critical to the continued running of your business. Fire risks or burnable materials, such as old packaging or wooden pallets, should be moved off site.

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