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Burglar Alarm Battery Replacement Advice: HKC Alarms and Aritec Alarms

When it comes to changing a battery in an alarm sensor, you need to be careful. Thinking you can open an alarm sensor and change the alarm battery as you would in a TV remote, for example, would not be an accurate assessment of the job at hand. 

It is important that you are aware that in every alarm sensor there is a tiny spring that will detect if there is a burglar trying to damage the alarm sensor. Therefore once you open the alarm sensor – the alarm siren in the house will ring. This mechanism is very difficult to stop until you have closed the lid on the alarm sensor after managing to change the alarm battery.

So you must be prepared for the alarm siren to be triggered and it is important that you wear proper ear protectors. Also, it would be important not to have older people or children in the house at the time as the alarm siren is extremely loud and can damage people’s hearing.

Another tip to be mindful of is that when you are changing the battery,  you must be careful not to touch the spring as it can easily fall out and because it is so small, it will be hard to find.

If the spring falls out of the alarm, the siren won’t stop ringing at all even if you turn off the power. Unfortunately, there is no cutout for this type of fault and the alarm siren will just keep ringing.

Once you open the alarm panel, the siren will ring so you must be careful with the spring here also as it is long and can easily bend and not fit back into place. If this happens the alarm system will ring until the spring is fitted correctly. If it is an older house alarm, you may not be able to get it into place and may need to purchase a new alarm panel.

If you are contemplating changing the alarm system battery yourself there are a few other things to consider. Firstly there are bare live wires inside many alarm systems. There is also the possibility that the battery is fused to the panel cable –  this is very common for older alarm panels.

If the alarm battery is fused to the cable then the cable inside the panel will need to be replaced. To do this, power down the whole system and get the circuit board, and then using a technician’s soldering iron, heat the solder to replace the offending cable by replacing it with a new one from an alarm system supplier.

We would strongly advise you to only do this if you are an electrician or a security system installer as this can cause a house fire and it is a difficult and dangerous task to undertake. Also, it is a good idea to wear protective gloves as there is often acid leaking from older large batteries.

Considering the potential issues and hazards we have outlined in this blog, ESP Security would strongly advise that the best way forward and the safest option when dealing with low batteries in an alarm system is to call a company such as ESP Security.

When it comes to the replacement of any burglar alarm battery – we are the experts and we can carry out this job for you professionally and safely. 

ESP Security replaces all alarm batteries in all alarm systems including HKC Batteries, Aritec Batteries, Astec Batteries & Phonewatch. Click here for further details.

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