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Alarm Sensor or System Fault? Call ESP Security

“Alarm Sensor Fault”

“System Fault”

“Call Engineer”

These are some of the messages you will read on the HKC Aritec or Astec key pad if you have a fault on an alarm sensor . The alarm sensor fault is quite common on older alarm sensors and it is caused by the metal corroding over time. This causes an intermittent sensor fault on the alarm system, which means it will somstimes allow you to set the alarm system however sometimes the fault means you won’t be able to  to set the alarm system.

It is more common on poorer quality systems, even new ones however it can happen on good quality systems, if they are older.

Its not an issue we usually experience on HKC alarm systems but as ESP Security repair all alarm system, of all ages, we are quite used to dealing with the issue .

It is not just a fault with window sensors and door sensors – it is also an issue with faulty motion beams also known as PIR Beams.

If you experience any alarm sensor faults, the best solution is to let an expert like ESP Security look at it as it could lead to constant alarm activations or it could be a loose connection in the alarm sensor. Regardless of the cause, our ESP Security technicians will be delighted to repair the alarm fault for you.

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