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ESP Security – 24 years providing 24-hour Alarm Repairs

For over 24 years, ESP Security has been repairing burglar alarm systems in the greater Dublin area and the surrounding counties. 

We provide a 24-hour alarm repair service and have found that many of these calls can even be dealt with over the phone.

If you are ever stuck with an alarm siren ringing in your home and there is no way to stop it, then we are the people to call. If you read our reviews you can see how people appreciate the help we have given them over the years in person or over the phone. 

The calls we get these days are usually wifi issues regarding the connection to the alarm system or low batteries for wireless alarm systems including external sirens.

Sometimes the issue is because of user error. When people put in their alarm code, they will sometimes enter the wrong digit and this will set off the alarm system. The best way to deal with this is to enter zero on your alarm panel and then put in the alarm code. The zero clears the alarm screen and makes it easier to unset the alarm system.

Over the years  ESP Security has become known as the number one alarm repair company in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, and Louth. We have dealt with all types of alarm systems fitted by different alarm installers so we have experience working with every alarm system on the market.

Most of the alarm systems in Ireland are manufactured by HKC in Dublin which is by far the best alarm system on the market.

One of the main other manufacturers in Ireland over the years was Aritech.

Aritech alarm panels were also manufactured in Dublin and exported around the world. ESP Security installed many Aritech alarm panels over the last 24 years which are still protecting Irish properties to this day. However, over time Aritech’s dominance in the Irish market waned as HKC Alarm panels took over.

The main reason why these two Irish alarm manufacturers, HKC & Aritech have had so much dominance over the years is because of the excellent quality of their alarm products. 

Aritech Alarm Repairs


This means the alarm systems ESP Security has installed have lasted well over twenty years and we find that our customers really appreciate the efforts ESP Security has made in sourcing and installing quality alarm systems that have longevity and reliability. 

Our dedication to quality and workmanship extends to all alarm repairs and maintenance that are required by our clients across the North East.

So if you  have an alarm fault, a low battery or an alarm tamper then ESP Security are the people to call. We repair ALL alarm systems.

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