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What to do if your Burglar alarm system is broken or has a low battery?

The first thing you should do if your burglar alarm system is broken or has a low battery is enter the user code. This is the code you use every day when un-setting the burglar alarm system – this will usually stop any sirens or irritating beeping .

The next thing to do is to get the make of the alarm system off the control pad. After that – simply ring ESP Security and report the fault – we
can usually have a technician dispatched the same day with any equipment needed carried in our vans as all our technicians carry enough equipment to repair most faults on all alarm systems. This includes all batteries for all alarms.

When we arrange a visit to your home for our alarm technician –  we will give you a time of arrival as we never ask our customers to stay in all day waiting for an alarm technician, who either never turns up or turns up late.  All our alarm technicians are punctual and take
great pride in their work. Read our testimonials page to view glowing reviews for great technicians. 

We carry all parts and batteries for Aritec, HKC, Astec, Europlex, Scopetronic and Phonewatch Alarms. In short ESP Security carry all alarm parts and batteries for all alarm systems.

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