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Your Alarm Battery Questions Answered by ESP Security

How long will my house alarm battery last ?

Most burglar alarm batteries will last about 6 years depending on the amount of power cuts you have.

Do all house alarms have batteries?

Yes all burglar alarm systems have batteries as a back up for a power cut.

Where is the burglar alarm battery located ?

The burglar alarm battery is located in the alarm panel ,but should only be replaced by a professional as the mains electricity is in the same location.

Are there burglar alarm batteries in my window sensors ?

Yes if the system is a wirefree alarm then it has batteries in the sensors.

What happens if the wrong alarm battery is installed in my alarm panel?

The alarm battery will most likely leak acid or in some cases, it can cause a house fire.

ESP Security replaces all alarm batteries in all alarm systems including HKC Batteries, Aritec Batteries, Astec Batteries & Phonewatch. Should you need an alarm battery replaced in your alarm system simply call ESP Security on 01 8391188 and we will arrange a time to call out that will suits you.

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