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Wire Free Burglar Alarm Batteries

ESP Security installed their first wire free alarm system approximately twenty years ago. Although the wire free systems were a huge advantage for neatness and ease of installation, there was one drawback, they all need batteries to be replaced.

A wire free sensor will need a battery sensor about every 3 years, depending on the location of the sensor, for example,  the sensor on the front door will need an alarm sensor battery changed more often than the alarm sensor battery on the upstairs window.

Motion sensor batteries have a power saving setting programmed into them but, depending on the location, they will last about 3 years.

All alarm batteries are crucial to the workings of the alarm system. With this in mind we recommend that when you have a low battery message on the system, you change all the alarm batteries which will give you peace of mind that the sensor wont fail because of an alarm low battery.

There is also a battery in the external bell box and a battery in the alarm panel. If any of these batteries need to be replaced then the message on the screen will say “low battery”, –  this message cannot be ignored.

The message is usually the same for all brands of alarm –  Aritec alarm will show “low battery” or “battery fault”. HKC will also say “low battery” or “battery fault”. In some cases the system may say “tamper fault” –  this can also mean low battery.

If you are not sure then call ESP Security and we will fully check out your alarm system for low batteries.

We carry all the batteries for all alarm systems in our vans.

Contact ESP Security today for more information or call on 01 8391188

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