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Will my house alarm go off if battery dies?

In most cases the alarm system will activate or at least beep if there is a low battery or if the alarm system battery dies.

Another issue you may experience is that the key pad won’t accept your code when the alarm goes off – so the best way to avoid the issue and asking “Will my alarm go off if the battery dies “ is to simply call ESP Security.

And remember to get the alarm serviced and never ignore any message on your alarm keypad screen especially low battery or battery fail.

Never change the battery in your alarm system unless you are trained how to do so as there are live electric cables inside the alarm box.

How often should I have my Burglar Alarm Serviced ?

Typical burglar alarm system should be serviced at least once a year if its bells only, however if its connected to a monitoring station, it should be serviced every six months.

Why have your burglar alarm serviced ?

Regular servicing helps maintain the performance of your alarm system. ESP Security home alarms systems provided offer the option to take a service contract with your alarm system.

Regular servicing of your alarm system helps maintain the durability and reliability of your security system. It is prudent to have your alarm system serviced regularly rather then have costly repairs and callout charges.

Many business and homes have security alarms fitted that are not operational due to a small fault usually easily repaired. Having a working burglar alarm system significantly reduces the possibility of a burglary or home invasion.

ESP Security will offer you a once off callout service or an annual service contract.

ESP Security over the last 25 years have serviced HKC alarm panels, Scopetronic Homeguard, Aritec alarm panels, Astec alarm panels in all areas of Dublin and surrounding counties.

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