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Why are ESP Security Ltd the number 1 Alarm Repair Company?

“Beyond economical repair” is a phrase used in the electronics industry when the engineer has decided that the cost of repairing something is more expensive than replacing it.

When this is the case, they then inform the customer that they need to replace the whole system. In some cases with a washing machine or a computer – that may be true, but what if it was an alarm system?

As an alarm system is made up of approximately thirty separate parts, if any one of them went faulty, this would cause the alarm not to work correctly. You then  call the alarm company and they send out their best “beyond economical repair” engineer who then proceeds to tell you that the whole alarm system is gone and needs to be urgently replaced!

The fact that the alarm system may only have one faulty sensor is of no consequence to them as it is simply a new sale – which is bad for your pocket and bad for the environment.

The difference in a typical repair cost and the cost of replacement in a three bedroom house is approximately €1300.

Contact ESP Security today for more information and save money – we can repair all makes and models of alarm systems including Aritech, HKC, Astec and more.  Our experience, expertise and skills have made us a reputable security provider in Dublin and the surrounding counties. 

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