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What to do if your alarm keypad keeps sticking

Why has my alarm key pad keys started sticking ?

After a number of years use, most alarm keypads keys will start sticking – this includes Aritec keypads,  HKCKeypads and Astec Keypads.

One thing you can do to avoid this happening is to keep the keypad clean and make sure the keypad door is closed over – but if its already sticking you will need to get it fixed as every time you put in your code the keypad may not work. This may mean when you enter your home, the system to activated which you wont be able to stop.

What can you do if this happens to your alarm system?

Firstly ESP Security can try to free up the keys on the system by cleaning the pcb board on the inside or we can change the code so to avoid the offending keys –  if this doesn’t work, we can replace the keypad.

ESP Security have been repairing all alarm keypads for all alarm systems for over twenty five years in the Dublin and the surrounding areas.

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