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What to do if you have no alarm code for your alarm system

Most people think when they move into a new house that has an alarm system that if they don’t use the alarm they don’t need a code.

This is not the case.

When you move into a new home – it is very important for the previous owner to give you the alarm code – the reason for this is simple – 
an alarm system can still ring even if its not set and if you don’t have the code – you wont be able to stop it.

As this could happen in the  middle of the night – it could be a real nuisance. So always make sure to get the code when you are handed the keys of any premises either renting or buying.

If you haven’t got the code for your alarm system call ESP Security 01 8391188 immediately and we will send an engineer to deal with the system. Changing an alarm code often varies in difficulty depending upon the type of alarm installed in your home.

Having an alarm system in your home can provide you with an added sense of security. Even if you have the alarm code – after moving into a new premises – you may worry that too many individuals have access to your alarm codes and it can pose a security risk. 


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