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What To Do If You Don’t Have A Code For Your Alarm

What should you do if you have no code for your alarm system. Firstly always insist on getting the user code for your alarm system when you move into a new property.

If the previous owner of the property has no idea what the alarm system code is then you can call esp security and we can send an engineer and in ninety per cent of the time we can reprogramme the burglar alarm system and give you a new code. The charge for this service is €95 euro and includes a full service of the alarm system.

If the system is damaged or beyond repair then the engineer will safely power down the system to stop it activating during the night and they will give you a quote for a replacement alarm panel. Its very important you always have an alarm code for your burglar alarm system – if you don’t have a code you wont be able to stop it ringing when it goes off.

All burglar alarm systems can activate when they are not set for reasons from faulty bell box to low battery or even a faulty sensor. The best thing to do is have the alarm system serviced regularly and avoid the whole issue.

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