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What is the best house alarm system?

Customers often ask which is the best burglar alarm system in Ireland. For a long time in Ireland the best burglar alarm system on the market was Aritec alarm systems. This changed in the late ninties when HKC Alarm systems were launched. The two systems were very similar and both very reliable which is very important to both customers and installers alike, however HKC Alarm systems invested more in research and development thus creating some great features such as the text alert system or the wire free options including fire and smoke detectors.

From that point on ESP Security have installed HKC Alarm systems, installing hundreds of systems every year. After installing all these systems over all the years ESP are very happy to recommend HKC alarm systems for all your security needs.

Another less spoken about positive reason for purchasing a HKC alarm system is the tech support offered by the company is second to none.  This means if an ESP Engineer has a question about a feature offered by HKC, they can call their factory in Ballymount in Dublin and speak to an engineer there to discuss the issue. This is useful for ESP Engineers and customers.

So in answer to my earlier question – HKC Alarm systems are by far the best security alarm systems on the market.


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