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What Does A Rusty Alarm Bell Box Say About You?

The first thing a rusty bell box says about your home, is that the alarm system protecting your family and possessions is not working, and even if it is working and activates during a burglary – it will be ignored by all the neighbours as the alarm system has driven the neighbours mad with false activation over many years.

It also says that your attitude to home security is at best half-hearted and would also suggest to a potential burglar that the window locks and door locks may not be in great shape either, and may be worth the small effort it takes to enter your home and relieve you of all the personal possessions and valuables, some as we know are totally irreplaceable.

The idea that any bell box on your home is a deterrent is a foolish one as a bell box in this condition will attract more burglars than no bell box at all.

The best thing to do is replace the bell box and make sure the alarm system is working correctly.

This can be completed at very little cost and can stop your property looking like an easy pickings house on the road.

ESP Security works in both north Dublin and south Dublin repairing alarm systems and replacing old alarm bell boxes.

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