What areas do ESP Security repair Aritec, Hkc and Astec alarms ?

Esp Security Engineers repair alarm systems in all parts of Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, Meath and Louth.

In the first six months of this year ESP Security have repaired alarms in  Donaghmede, Clontarf, Artane, Coolock, Malahide and Raheny on the North side of Dublin.

Blanchardstown, Lucan, Finglas, Clondalkin, and Tallaght on the west side of Dublin.

And Crumlin, Stillorgan,  Drundrum, Blackrock, Booterstown, Drimnagh and Ringsend on the South side of Dublin,

In most cases we were able to repair the alarm systems – saving the customer from replacing the whole system.

Although the alarms we repaired in the areas outlined were Astec HKC and Aritec alarms – we also repair Europlex  Phone watch Horizon and Meridon alarm panels too.

A faulty alarm is not just a pain for you, it is also a pain for all your neighbours.

So why not  protect your home & do the neighbourly thing and get your alarm repaired today.

Most of our repairs cost less than €100.

Over 95% of our alarm repairs involve a faulty sensor or a low battery. These alarm repairs cost about a tenth of the cost of a new alarm system and will keep your system going for at least a few more years. Our repair solution is better on your pocket and better for the environment.

So what does ESP Security get out of repairing an alarm system instead of replacing the full alarm system?

Firstly, the fact is, repairing the alarm system instead of replacing it, is the right thing to do not only for the customer’s pocket but also for the  the environment.

It is also better for ESP, as the customer appreciates the honesty of the engineer.  So then when the alarm system does need to be replaced, we would hope that there will be a high chance, they will remember ESP Security, a company they know they can trust before any other alarm repair company.

So, when you have a faulty Astec alarm system, HKC security System, Aritec system or any other faulty alarm system, don’t automatically
assume it needs to be replaced, let one of our engineers take a look at it first and see if we can save you money.

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