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Monitored Alarms…Will a Burglar Cut Your Phone Line?

If you have a monitored alarm system which uses your phone line to transmit signals to the monitoring station during a burglary – you may want to think about who is watching your phone line…..

As you may know, phone lines are easily accessible and can be cut very easily with a basic scissors thus cutting off the monitoring functionality!

For this reason, ESP Security, serving homes and businesses in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, Louth & Meath, have introduced our phone line watching unit. With this unit connected to your alarm system, we can get alarm signals to our monitoring station from your alarm system – even if the phone line has been cut!

If you wish to cancel your phone line with Eircom, please note we can still monitor you alarm system with no phone line at all!

The small additional cost of €3 per week for our phone line watcher unit is easily paid for by the saving you could make if you cancel your phone line with Eircom or Virgin.

Remember phone lines have no security protection from criminals and we often find are usually cut outside the home before the burglary is committed.

Do you want to take the risk of a burglar cutting your phone line?

The best way to insure a signal is transmitted to a monitoring station without delay is to fit a phone line watcher unit from ESP Security. 


Contact ESP Security today for more information or call on 01 8391188

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