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Upgrades to HKC Burglar Alarms

Replacing a HKC Alarm 8/12 with a more modern HKC Alarm 10/70  may seem quite simple but there can be difficulties involved in this change over.

Although the HKC alarm sensors and the HKC Bell box and internal siren are compatible, you will need to upgrade the HKC Keypad. Luckily the new keypad comes with the HKC 10/70 panel.

If however you are monitored and using a communicator for the monitoring that was not manufactured by HKC then this unit won’t work and you will need a HKC GSM unit.

The new version of the HKC panel will not accept connection with anything not manufactured by HKC. It does however come with a very useable HKC App. This HKC App will give you full control of your alarm system from anywhere in the world.

There is also another great advantage with installing the HKC 10/70, as this panel is both wired and wireless so if you wished to alarm your garden shed or any outbuildings, you can simply install a wire free HKC PIR or HKC Contact and the system will protect your choice of outside buildings and the equipment you store in them. 

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