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Upgrade your Burglar Alarm with ESP Security, 25 Years in Business

Do you wish to replace or upgrade your house alarm system?

Your house alarm panel does not have to be broken for you to upgrade your burglar alarm system. You may just want to upgrade to a more modern alarm system that gives you features such as full control of your house alarm system from your mobile phone.

The new HKC alarm panel on the market gives you this exact feature. It also allows for connecting wireless alarm equipment to your house alarm panel such as smoke detectors or wire free panic buttons. You could also put  a wire free beam in your shed or garage connected to your house alarm panel.

As most window sensors are compatible with most Alarm Panels, you can now upgrade your house alarm panel without the extra cost of replacing all the window alarm sensors. During the replacement of the Alarm Panel, ESP Security who are highly experienced with 25 years in business –  will test all the existing sensors on your home security system to check they are fully functional. A typical
cost for the replacement of your alarm panel is €595. This panel can then be connected to all the HKC Alarm system wire free equipment that is on the market.

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