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Typical Alarm System Repairs

ESP specialises in the installation, maintenance and support of Electronic Security, Access Control, and CCTV systems. We are proud to have worked with thousands of domestic and commercial companies across the North East of Ireland and have over 25 years’ experience in the industry.

Because of our experience, we know that it seems to be the case that a lot of other security companies alarm technicians will turn up to your home and break the bad news that the burglar alarm system you have needs to be replaced – without even making any attempt to try to fix the alarm system – sometimes, without even getting their tools from their van.

Our promise to you is that ESP Security will endeavour to exhaust every conceivable route to repair your alarm system and will only advise you to replace or update your alarm system if it is absolutely necessary

The typical burglar alarm system repairs our technicians see every day range from alarm sensor faults to low batteries or alarm tampers.

In the case of alarm sensor faults, this can be usually resolved by replacing the offending alarm sensor, however we often find there may be more than one faulty alarm sensor which will need to be replaced.

Alarm system low batteries is self-explanatory – somewhere on the system there is a low battery, it may be in one of the alarm sensors or it may be in the panel or even in the external bell box. Regardless of the location, it will have to be replaced for the burglar alarm system to operate.

The alarm tamper issue is a little more difficult to fix as it can relate to any part of the burglar alarm system.  The issuse may be caused by a number of reasons such as a cut cable, a loose bell box cover, a faulty or damaged alarm sensor, or a faulty alarm panel. It can even be
caused by the user entering the alarm system code wrong a number of times.

Another regular alarm system fault our alarm technicians can come across is a faulty number on the alarm key pad. In some cases, the alarm system keypad would need to be replaced but an easier and cheaper way is to change the alarm code, not using the offending number. This is not a long term fix but it may give the customer some time to budget for a new alarm keypad.

Most burglar alarm faults can be fixed but in some rare cases a new burglar alarm system would be cheaper than the repair. Following a thorough assessment, our technicians will let you know if the security system is beyond economical repair.

If your alarm system needs to be replaced, you can either use a wired alarm or wireless alarm system.

Regardless of the type of alarm system you choose, our advice would be to always get a good quality brand making sure that all parts are available in Ireland and not purchased over the internet, as you may have to wait weeks for any parts should you have a faulty part, leaving your home vulnerable to a burglary.

ESP Security is happy to help and guide you in recommending a good quality alarm system that will best serve your individual requirements and needs.

Also remember if your alarm system is not switched on, your house insurance cover will not be valid. This is an important factor to remember especially if you have received a reduction in your insurance for having a burglar alarm system.

ESP Security owner Brian Smith and his team specialise in the installation, maintenance, and support of Burglar Alarms Systems. ESP Security repairs ALL alarms – even if the original alarm was not installed by ESP Security. We repair and maintain burglar alarms in commercial organisations and domestic premises throughout the greater Dublin area, Kildare, Wicklow, Louth and Meath.

Our number one priority is providing an honest, highly professional service to our customer’s across the North East region – click here to read what our clients say.

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