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Ten ways to avoid being a victim of a house burglar

1  Make sure your garden has plenty of bright light at night

Install a good wired or wire free house alarm system

3 Always use your house house alarm system even if it’s just for a few minutes.

4 Always close and lock all windows and set house alarm before you leave.

5 Keep your garden free of valuables including barbecues, lawnmowers and toys.

6 Keep trees trimmed to avoid hiding places in your garden.

7 Avoid obstructing view of house alarm bell box from street.

8 Install visible cctv system on your house .

9 Try to ensure your house alarm has a gsm backup for the alarm system.

10 Use a licensed house alarm installation company and always ensure the house alarm has perimeter protection with the addition of at least one passive infra-red Motion detector beam or PIR .

House burglaries usually take place when you are away from your home, here are a few tips to take into consideration when leaving your house unattended.

1 Use motion detection lighting to light up your garden.

2 Make sure your post does not build up in  your post box or hallway as its  a sure sign to a house burglar you are away  .

3 Ask a neighbour to cut your grass as long grass is also a sign you are away to a house burglar  .

4 Internal timer lighting gives the impression that you are at home to house burglars.

5 Never announce on social media that you are going on holidays as this is an opportunity for house burglars .

4 Quick Facts on House Burglars

A 58% of house burglaries are carried our during the day

B 25%of house burglars work alone.

C 12% of house Burglars admit to using stolen cars during house burglary .

D A house without a house alarm or burglar system is 2.7 times more likely to be burgled .

What house Burglars want.

1  79%   cash

2  68% Jewellery

3  58% Electronics

44%Prescription Drugs

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