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Surprising Home Invasion & Burglary Statistics

If you ever wondered what the chances are that an intruder will find his way into your Dublin home ,you will want to read on. When considering house alarms keep these facts in mind.

A study of the University of North Carolina University of criminal justice and criminology found that most burglars try to determine if a house has an house alarm system before attempting a home burglary.

Other research substantiates these findings ,in fact an overwhelming majority of convicted house burglars say that they intentionally avoided homes with burglar alarm systems,

if a house alarm sounded they admitted to fleeing immediately. About 33%of home burglars enter the house through the front door. Hollow doors are very easy for a house burglar to kick in.

If your home is fitted with an old wooden door or a hollow door ,then you should replace it as soon as possible, and every time you exit your home use your house alarm system.

You may want to invest in a wire free house alarm system as 25%of house burglars admit to cutting phone cable.

Esp alarms Dublin offers a wide range of wire free alarm systems, and they are more affordable than you may think.

If you are a victim of a home burglary in Dublin then its not uncommon for the burglar to return to your home in Dublin ,after all they already know the layout of the house and they also know where in the house you keep the goodies .

So get a house alarm immediately from ESP alarms Dublin to deter the bad guys returning.

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