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Summer is Coming – Home Security Tips

It’s true, May is almost over & the mid summer months are quickly approaching. Children will be on their summer break from school by next month and many of you have your plans already made for your summer holidays, perhaps with flights booked & already day dreaming about blue skies and sandy beaches…..

In order to keep your home safe during the summer months, ESP would like to offer a few home security tips during the up coming months.

Here are a few things to do before you leave.

1) Test your alarm system and ensure it is in proper working order at least 2 weeks before you go away. Many people wait until the day before they leave to test and then realise there is some sort of fault so there is often a big scramble to get it fixed before they leave. Stress you do not need! ESP Security can repair faults on most alarm systems such as HKC, Aritech, Astec and more! Give yourself and us some time to fix any problems before going out of town.

2) Let a trusted neighbour know you will be away. Just making them aware of this can help them be conscious of your property so they can “keep an eye” on the house.

3) Set up a couple of lights in the house on a timer so the house is not completely dark all week.

4) It is always a good idea to keep shrubs and bushes near the house trimmed up as to enable visibility from the street to as much of the house as possible.

Don’t let your home become a target this summer. This time of the year, when you’re away on holiday enjoying time with your families, gives burglars a prime opportunity to gain access to your home.

While you’re out enjoying the summer make sure your doors and windows are locked and your alarm is set. And remember your home is 3 times more secure  with an ESP monitored alarm. 

These are just a few tips to lower the chances of a burglar targeting your house. Enjoy the summer and your holiday with the peace of mind that your house is secure.

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