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Stay safe – Get your burglar alarm serviced

Fitting a burglar alarm system is a great way of helping to add an extra layer of security to your home or business, but when poorly maintained you could find your system fails you exactly when you need it most. This is why as we approach the dark winter months, a time when studies show that burglaries go up –  it’s vital to know more about alarm servicing – how, when and why it’s so important.

Reasons to service your burglar alarm
Like any other piece of techie kit, your burglar alarm system is made of a complex series of components which need checking regularly to ensure they remain fully operational. If one aspect of your alarm system fails, the rest could follow – but many problems are easily fixed when detected early. As a key aspect of your security system, never underestimate the importance of keeping your alarm serviced and in a good state of repair.

How to service burglar alarms
It’s very important not to try and go it alone when it comes time to service your alarm system. Security professionals like ESP Security  will have the skills and tools to get your system back up-and-running if faulty and check for problems areas before they occur – but this is undoubtedly a specialist task calling for specific skills. The most common cause of burglar alarm failure is simply that the battery has not been replaced for a long time, but ESP Security will be able to check not only the battery but fuses and circuits. If you try and
fix these things yourself, you could accidentally damage the detectors or control panel leaving your system broke beyond repair.

When to service your burglar alarm
Generally speaking, an annual service of your alarm system will be sufficient, but you should service alarms twice yearly if they also include a monitoring element. Also check with your insurance company as they may impose special servicing requirements. Batteries deplete within a couple of years, and problems such as spiders and corrosion can wreak havoc with your alarm if not caught in time. Not only will these problems be costlier to fix when left until later – but could leave your alarm system ineffective at preventing burglaries. If your alarm stops working, your property is at risk, so these annual or bi-annual checks are essential. Contact us to schedule your intruder alarm servicing

Components of an alarm maintenance appointment
A reputable servicing company will thoroughly examine all aspects of your alarm system to ensure they meet both the standards of safety required. The alarm will be checked to ensure both individual components and the alarm are functioning properly – and provide suggestions as to how best preserve the life of your alarm. If problems are detected during the maintenance session, they will probably be fixable on the spot, or if not you should be informed of how they will be fixed, and the cost – so your home or business will be fully protected again as quickly as possible. 

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