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We recently had a call from Karen in Raheny outlining she had a Astec faulty alarm system. It was installed about twenty years ago and the issue was it had a low battery message on the screen so she was calling to ask if ESP Security repaired Astec alarms and could we change alarm batteries if necessary.

We explained we can repair alarm systems installed by any company on the market. These companies include Merrion alarms, Safenet alarms, Phonewatch alarms, Adt alarms, Cuala alarms, Enfield alarms and TK alarms.

We also repair all alarm panels on the market including HKC alarms, Scopetronic Homeguard alarms, Aritec alarms, Horizon alarms, Astec alarm and Voisinic alarm panels. We also can carry out all these repairs in the Dublin and the greater Dublin area and the surrounding areas.

We were able to fit the new battery and get the alarm system up and running and this saved Karen from spending money on a full installation.

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