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Servicing Your Burglar Alarm System

Regular burglar alarm maintenance is important, to ensure that you, your family, and your valuables are always protected. 

Installing a burglar alarm system is the first step in protecting your home from theft. Regular burglar alarm maintenance will ensure that it functions when you need it the most.

How often should burglar alarms be serviced?

Though alarm systems vary, all burglar alarms do need to be maintained. We recommend servicing your burglar alarms at least once a year even if it’s just a check for peace of mind. Inspect equipment like the sensors, control panel, keypad, speakers, and batteries for broken down parts.

Things to look for include corroded wires or damage to the plastic exteriors. In addition, batteries should be recharged or replaced.

Systems with a monitored alarm should be serviced annually. This yearly alarm maintenance will stop your system from detecting faults that could falsely trigger the alarm. False alarms cause you and your family unnecessary fear and cause frequent annoyance.

Checking your batteries

Low batteries can trigger false alarms so it’s important to check and replace them regularly. Always check your batteries after power outages and at least once a year on your burglar alarm system.

There are several ways to know when you should change your batteries. Look for a change of colour in the lights on your system, an alert on the control panel, or an alert on your smartphone notifying you if any batteries may be ready to swap out for fresh ones.

With many years of experience in the alarm repair and servicing industry, ESP Security is one of the foremost providers of alarm repairs & servicing in Dublin and the surrounding counties, carrying out burglar alarm maintenance at all domestic and commercial premises.

We repair/service / adopt/upgrade most Intruder and Burglar Alarm Systems for domestic & residential, commercial, and industrial premises specialising in Astec, Aritech, and HCK Alarm repairs. 

The main benefits of regularly servicing your burglar alarm system:

Peace of Mind: You depend on your security system to provide safe and secure premises for your staff and visitors. So it makes sense that your system is kept in optimum condition, with 24-hour emergency cover that you can always count on if it is needed.

Save Money: Regular servicing will also ensure the maximum component life and result in lower system downtime. You will also save money by avoiding non-contracted hourly rates.

Compliance: Current industry standards including EN Standards, and The Health and Safety at Work Act all require that security systems that fall within their remit are covered under a formal maintenance agreement.

Stay Covered: Your insurance company will usually require you to regularly maintain your security system. If you have not arranged appropriate coverage your insurance claims may be invalid. In addition, all security systems that are financed under a Lease Agreement must have a current service and maintenance contract.

ESP sets itself very high and exacting professional standards – more importantly, our customers appreciate and recognise the value of those standards and accreditations. That’s why we are IS/EN 50131 accredited.

We can repair and service all alarms in Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Wicklow and Louth areas.

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