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Alarm Battery, House alarm Battery, Security System Battery, Burglar alarm Battery, Backup Battery – whatever you call it, a battery is a vital part of any security system.

Without a backup battery, ever time you have a power cut, the alarm would not be operational which make it a very good time for burglars to gain access to your property.

The one thing about an alarm system battery is, it must be properly maintained and if necessary replaced when no longer functional. There are mainly three alarm system batteries used in Ireland today, a 12volt 7 amp per hour battery a 1,2 volt 3 amp per hour battery and a 12 volt 2 per hour amp battery.

It is very important you do not mix up these batteries – for example if you fitted a 7 amp per hour battery in a 2 amp per hour panel – that is over three times the power needed to run the alarm and will most likely burst inside the alarm panel and leak acid out on to you hall, or wherever you have the alarm system installed in your home.

ESP Security technicians carry all batteries for all alarm systems on the market in Ireland today. From Phonewatch batteries to HKC alarm Batteries, Aritec Batteries, Scopetronic alarm batteries or Risco alarm batteries.

Simply call ESP Security to book an appointment for one of our friendly & professional technician to call to you home ,and leave the rest to us.

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