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Replacing your Alarm Battery Tips

There are many reasons why you should not attempt to replace your burglar alarm system battery yourself.

We ask you to view the picture in this article and ask yourself if you are able to tell which are the dangerous live cables and which are the less dangerous alarm cables? If you are unsure in any way – then you should not consider changing your alarm system battery.

ESP Security strongly recommend that the replacement of any electrical part in an alarm system or any electrical unit should be left to the professionals. Burglar alarm systems are designed to make it very difficult and stop burglars from opening it or disabling it in any way – which means unless you are familiar and understand what you are doing – the job is never going to be straight forward.

Your personal safety and getting the job done right should be your top priority and something you should bear  in mind before you attempt to replace your burglar alarm battery yourself.

ESP Security will happily do the job for you –  we replace all batteries in all alarm system including HKC, Aritec, Astec, Stscopetronic and Homeguard batteries.

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