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Replacing an older alarm system with an HKC Alarm System

After a certain amount of years, all alarm systems need to be replaced or upgraded – this will avoid false activations and help insure your property is safe and secure.

When replacing an older alarm system there are a few things to consider: do you wish to use wired or wireless equipment?

If  the existing alarm system is wired and the cable is in perfect condition and neatly installed within your home and you want to use it –  then ESP Security would make every effort to use the cabling once our engineer has checked it first.

If you would prefer to have all the cable removed and just use wire free alarm equipment, then we can do that too.

In most cases the alarm systems we remove are Aritec, Astec, Scopetronic or Homeguard alarm panels or in some cases, older HKC Alarm panels .

We always replace the systems with the HKC 10/ 2/ 70 panels. We use these the HKC alarm panels because they are the most reliable and most up to date systems with the best technical support mainly because they are an Irish company based in Ballymount Dublin.

HKC design intruder alarms for residential and commercial properties. 

HKC’s control panels are designed with all users in mind.  The HKC App makes security easy for alarm owners.

HKC panels have: 

  • An extensive voice library ensures accurate commands to the end user ensuring less false alarms and user error. 
  • 70 Wireless Zones out of the box
  • An aesthetically pleasing design
  • A selection of Plug-on IP communications module 
  • Connectivity wih the HKC APP & SecureComm Cloud 
  • Compliance to EN Grade 2 / BS 8243 / PD 6662

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