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Replacing a Burglar Alarm System

If you are replacing your old alarm system with a new alarm system, then all you need to pay for is the new alarm system right?

Wrong!…when some alarm companies sell you an alarm system, they don’t remove the old alarm system. In most cases they leave it to you to remove the old alarm system, and unless you want numerous alarm sensors all over your windows and door and two bell boxes on the front of your home, you will need to get the old alarm system removed carefully. As this is connected to the electricity, then this can be quite dangerous and extremely noisy so it is best to call home security experts like ESP Security.

If you are shopping around for a new burglar alarm system, always check with the alarm companies if they remove the old alarm system or else look no further and just call ESP Security – as we carry out the removal of the old system completely for free during your new alarm installation.

If you currently find you are in a position where you cannot get the alarm company to remove the old alarm system, then do not hesitate to give our office a call on 018391188 and we will gladly remove the old alarm system safely and quietly for you.

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