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Replace your Aritec Alarm Panel with a HKC Panel – the perfect replacement

ESP Security can service all Aritech alarms by testing all the sensors, testing all the outputs and testing the Aritech backup battery. A backup battery is in place in the event of an electricity power cut.

ESP Security  repair all types of Aritech alarm systems. Unfortunately, some of the Aritech alarms are no longer manufactured by Aritech but they will need servicing and in some cases repairs.

The type of repairs needed are mainly sensor repairs or sensor replacement.

When repairing or replacing Aritech sensors – we use either HKC or Aritech sensors as both are compatible with the system and both of these are very reliable sensors.

One of the biggest selling alarm panels in Ireland was the Aritech CS350 and a huge amount of these panels are still working perfectly today  and just need some attention and repairs.

When some Aritec alarm panels needs to be replaced, the HKC alarm panel is a perfect replacement as you wont have to replace any of the sensors from the old Aritec system as they are totally compatible with each other.

ESP Security repair, service, adopt, maintain and upgrade Intruder and Burglar Alarm Systems for domestic & residential, commercial and industrial premises  specialising in Astec, Aritech and HCK Alarm repairs. 

We can repair all alarms in Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Wicklow. 

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