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Protect your home with top class security from ESP Security

Comprehensive home security solutions designed and tailored for domestic customers

With a wealth of experience in the security industry,  ESP Security boast an expert team on hand to meet your specific requirements in terms of domestic security solutions. Whether you require complete protection for your home be it through a CCTV system, burglar alarm installation or access control solution, we are here to help you.

As a highly recommended security company, ESP Security pride ourselves as being one of the best security companies in Dublin and the surrounding counties. Operating across the North East, AESP Security boast over 26 years in the industry and are available all year round to provide cost-effective security systems.

Our security specialists are able to provide you with the perfect security solutions for your home in Dublin to ensure that you have the protection from theft, vandalism and burglary that you need.

Did you know – Your property could be 80% safer with an intruder alarm?

Statistics show you are less likely to be targeted by burglars with an alarm installed. Even in this day and age, many homes across Dublin and the surrounding counties are not protected by alarms, leaving assets unprotected and vulnerable to intrusion and theft.

Without any possibility of triggering the alarms, intruders can easily gain entrance and take what they wish.

Wireless & Wired Alarms
Our commonly used intruder alarms systems comes in two forms – wired or wireless. Both systems are extremely reliable, but are used in different applications to remove the need for excessive cabling or utilise existing alarm cabling.

Alarm Monitoring
Our alarms systems can be connected to our 24 hour manned alarm receiving centre who, upon an alarm trigger, will
contact the PGardai and/or nominated key holders immediately. .

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