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Potential Power Cuts & Your Burglar Alarm System

Currently there is a lot of talk about power cuts.

Ireland’s electricity supply is experiencing “tight margins” and we can’t rule out the possibility of power cuts, according to an energy expert.

This comes after two system alerts for Ireland’s electricity supply were put in place last month, August 2022,  by the State’s power grid operator Eirgrid. According to Dr Muireann Lynch, Senior Research Officer at the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) said:

“Certainly looking ahead to this winter, supply is going to be tight. It’s tighter than we’d like it to be. We like to have a certain amount of conventional generation – so not wind, not solar – actual physical power plants like coal and gas to be able to cover the expected peak demand plus a little bit. But unfortunately not all of the units that we were expecting to be on the system this winter have shown up and that means things could get tight.”

How Power Cuts will affect your Burglar Alarm System 

Following this news, the first thing you might want to know is will this will have a direct effect on your burglar alarm system. And unfortunately, the answer is definitely yes.

However, there are steps you can take.

Firstly, you should check to see if your alarm system has a message telling you that you have a low battery in your system. It may say low battery alarm or battery fault. If so it can mean real trouble if you have a power cut.

Remember, a power cut is only an issue if you have a low battery.

If your alarm battery is working ok without any of the above messages, then the system will operate perfectly well during power cuts and you won’t have to do anything at all.

The best advice we can offer with the potential upcoming power strikes is to never ignore any warning message on your alarm system. In fact, never ignore any warning message full stop.

ESP Security has been replacing alarm system batteries in Dublin and the surrounding counties for the last twenty-five years.

It is also important to use the correct alarm battery, for example, if you install a 7 amp battery into a 2 amp alarm system you may cause a house fire or it may just leak acid all over your hall or hot press.

So get the experts at ESP Security to do the job for you. We can usually get to your home within 24 hours.

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