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No payout if you forget to set the burglar alarm!

Small print in insurance means your claim could be refused.

Homeowners whose properties suffer a break-ins could miss out on insurance payouts if they forget to set their burglar alarm.

With most policies, customers do not need an alarm to get cover.

However, under little-known small print, many firms say if people do have a device, they must set it.

Money Mail has found that insurers are refusing payouts if they fail to comply.

In one case sent to the Financial Ombudsman Service, a Royal Sun Alliance (RSA) customer was not paid out after a break-in this year – because he failed to set his alarm.

The Ombudsman’s report says the firm relied on a clause in the man’s policy stating that theft would not be covered when there was no adult in the property unless the family had ‘set the burglar alarm if you have one’.

The man argued RSA had acted unfairly as the policy’s wording suggested the firm would have paid up if he had not bought and installed an alarm.

But RSA argued he would not have been offered the cover at all in that case. However, the Ombudsman ruled RSA was unable to prove this was correct. And it ordered the firm to reconsider his claim.

ESP Security strongly advises anyone who has a burglar alarm system to insure they always set it when leaving the property. Not only will it avoid wrangling with insurance companies but it may deter that burglar from breaking into your home and stealing your valued possessions.

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