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Moving or removing window alarm sensors

Why do people need to move alarm system sensors ?

Firstly people need their alarm sensors moved or removed for various reasons but usually if they are getting new windows. ESP Security will send an engineer to your home before the work begins to remove the alarm sensors and then once the windows are installed our engineer will return to replace the window alarm sensors and carry out a full service on the alarm system.

Why do people remove alarm sensors from a particular window or door?

Sometimes it is necessary to remove a particular alarm sensor from a door or window perhaps as the window or door is going to be closed up and the sensor needs to be looped out correctly, ensuring all other window sensors are working correctly.

It is very important an alarm specialist carries out the work on your alarm system. If you are not fully sure or know what you are doing, you will activate the alarm system when you open the motion sensors or window and door sensors and most likely blow one of the many fuses in the circuit board. These fuses are difficult to get and the alarm system will not operate without them.

There are many different types of alarm sensors on the market and all should be treated differently. There are wired alarm sensors, point id alarm sensors and wire free alarm sensors – they all do the same thing but are totally different than each other.

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