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Top tips to prevent Home Break-Ins this Summer from ESP Security

Summer has kicked off with gloriously warm conditions to continue for Dublin and the rest of the country over the June Bank Holiday weekend, with top temperatures of 24C which means it’ll be hotter than Ibiza. Summer days mean we live more outdoors, go on days out, staycations, and holidays abroad. But while we all want to enjoy these long summer days, it is important to know that burglary is a big concern during summer months and it is important to know how to keep your home & property safe. 

Do home burglaries increase in the summer?

Generally, it is difficult to make definitive statements about crime trends as they can vary depending on various factors such as location and individual circumstances. However, there are some observations that suggest an increase in certain types of crime, including home burglaries, during the summer months. Here are a few reasons why this might be the case:

Summer Holidays: Summer is a popular time for people to go on holidays, leaving their homes unoccupied for extended periods. Vacant homes are attractive targets for burglars as they can operate with less risk of encountering residents.

Open Windows and Doors: Warmer weather often leads to open windows or doors, providing easier access for potential burglars. Unsecured entry points offer an opportunity for quick and quiet break-ins.

Longer Daylight Hours: Longer daylight hours during the summer mean that burglars have more time to operate. As the evenings are brighter, it can be more challenging for neighbors or passersby to notice suspicious activity.

Increased Foot Traffic: Many people spend more time outdoors during the summer, leading to increased foot traffic in residential areas. This higher level of activity may make it easier for burglars to blend in and go unnoticed.

Almost one in four home burglaries during the summer involve entry through an unsecured door or window – this falls to one in six during winter. Most summer home burglaries occur late at night between midnight and 4 am and in the afternoon between noon and 3 pm.

However, it’s important to note that crime rates can vary by location and are influenced by a variety of factors. It is always advisable to refer to local crime statistics and consult with your local gardai or neighbourhood watch groups for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding crime trends in a specific area. Additionally, taking preventive measures such as installing security systems, securing entry points, and being vigilant can help reduce the risk of home burglaries regardless of the season.

What items tend to get stolen more in summer?

While there isn’t specific data available on items that are more commonly stolen during the summer months compared to other seasons, there are some items that may be more susceptible to theft during this time. Here are a few possibilities:

Bicycles: With warmer weather, more people tend to ride bicycles in the summer. Unfortunately, bicycles are frequently targeted by thieves due to their value and ease of reselling. It’s important to lock bikes securely and store them in a safe location.

Outdoor Recreation Equipment: Summer is a time when people engage in outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and water sports. Items like camping gear, hiking equipment, fishing gear, and water sports equipment can be appealing to thieves. Properly securing and storing these items when not in use can help prevent theft.

Patio Furniture and Grills: Outdoor spaces become more frequently used during the summer, and items like patio furniture, grills, and outdoor appliances can be attractive targets for theft. These items are often left unattended and may be more visible to potential burglars.

Garden Equipment: Lawn Mowers and ride-on mowers are stolen far more in the summer months compared to the winter months. Smaller, less expensive tools such as con-saws and chainsaws are stolen more frequently during summer.

Remember that theft patterns can vary depending on your location and individual circumstances.

Taking preventive measures such as securing your property, using locks, keeping valuable items out of sight, and being vigilant can help reduce the risk of theft during any season.

Top tips to prevent burglaries this summer from ESP Security 

Lock all Doors and Windows: Before leaving your home, ensure that all doors and windows are locked securely. This includes not only the front and back doors but also windows on all levels of your home.

Install a Home Security System: Consider installing a comprehensive home security system that includes burglar alarms, security cameras, and motion sensors. Visible security systems act as a deterrent and can help alert you and the authorities in case of a break-in.

Use Timers for Lights: Use timers or smart home automation to turn on lights at different times during the evening. This creates the illusion of someone being home and can deter potential burglars.

Don’t Advertise Your Absence: When you’re away on holiday or for an extended period, avoid broadcasting it on social media or leaving obvious signs of absence. Ask a trusted neighbour or friend to check on your home, mow the lawn, or park their car in your driveway to give the appearance of activity.

Secure Sliding Doors and Windows: Reinforce sliding doors with a metal rod or dowel in the track to prevent them from being forced open. Install window locks or use window security film to make it harder for burglars to break in.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight: Ensure that valuable items such as garden & sports equipment are not easily visible from outside your home. 

Maintain Outdoor Areas: Trim hedges, bushes, and trees near windows and entry points to eliminate potential hiding spots for burglars. Well-lit exteriors, especially around entry points, are also effective deterrents.

Get to Know Your Neighbours: Establish good relationships with your neighbours and look out for each other. Neighbours can be an extra set of eyes when you’re away and can report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

Consider a Home Safe: Use a home safe to store valuable items like jewellery, important documents, and cash securely. Bolt the safe to the floor or a wall to make it harder for thieves to remove.

Secure Garages and Sheds: Ensure that your garage and sheds are locked securely. Keep expensive tools and equipment out of sight to prevent attracting burglars.

By being proactive and taking necessary precautions, you can significantly reduce the risk of burglaries and protect your home and belongings. Allowing you to enjoy the summer months and good weather (for as long as it lasts) with peace of mind.

Contact ESP Security today for more information and a quote. Brian and his team can advise you on the best home burglar alarm for your property.

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