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Monitored Home Alarm vs Traditional Holiday House Sitting

When you go on holiday it’s common to ask a family member or neighbour to call into your home once a day to collect the post, pull the curtains, turn lights on and off, to make it look like someone is home. This is a simple, tried and tested method, but it can be a struggle to find someone available for the week or two you’re away. And, as a burglar can strike at any time, your home many not be as protected as you think.

ESP Security’s customers know there’s a smarter way to secure your home 24hrs of the day and get a guaranteed response from An Garda Siochana, should someone attempt to gain access to your home.

ESP Security Watch Your Home, You Enjoy Your Holiday

With an ESP Monitored Alarm package, your home will receive 24/7 monitoring from our expert monitoring station. So, you can fully relax on the beach, knowing your home is being looked after. If the alarm is activated, our alarm monitoring station will immediately call your keyholders and if a break-in is confirmed, then our monitoring station will alert the Gardaí.

Get the Fastest Possible Response

Before your trip, you can contact ESP Security to change your keyholders, so if the alarm is activated, we won’t call you while you’re abroad. We’ll ring your nominated neighbour or family member first.


Make it Look Like Someone is Home

Rather than getting someone to come over a turn the light on and off every morning and evening, install our Smart LED bulb or plug socket and you can dim or brighten your light or switch the socket on and off from your phone.

Be one step ahead of the burglars

Be one step ahead of the burglars this summer with a smarter home. You enjoy your holiday, we’ll enjoy keeping your home safe for your return.

If you’re an existing ESP customer and you’re one of the people constantly having to house-sit for friends or family, why not refer them on to us?

If you’re not currently and ESP Security customer, but want your home protected this summer, contact ESP Security today for more information and a quote

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